Image of Dolores (2xLP)

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Dolores (2xLP)


released 2008 by PIAS Recording Company


Side A
Staub 7:51
Schwarze Biene (Black Maja) 8:11

Side B
Karin 3:37
Unkerich 5:31
Still am Tresen 3:59

Side C
Welk 6:19
Orgelblut 6:13

Side D
Von Schnäbeln 3:57
Faul 5:56
Welten 6:54

Music by Clöser/Gass

Der Club:
Thorsten Benning - Drums
Christoph Clöser - Fender Rhodes, Vibraphone, Saxophones
Morten Gass - Bass, Organ, Vocoder, Synthesizer
Robin Rodenberg - Bass

recorded and engineered by Clöser/Gass at Dark Victory Studios,
Cologne & Mülheim/Ruhr
produced by Bohren
mixed and mastered by Marcus Schmickler & Bohren at piethopraxis, Cologne
Artwork/Drawing by Melanie Höner
Artwork/Typo by jörg Follert